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Mixing charsets

January 29, 2016

Recently I’ve had a weird situation when trying to login to VMI (Lithuanian tax inspection) website via SEB bank system (banking systems are commonly used for authenticating users in Lithuania....

Public Suffix list

December 31, 2015

I was always wondering, why domains from United Kingdom are registered under domain. Why not just under .uk? It is up to each of the top level domain (TLD;...

Transport layer security - HSTS

December 1, 2015

Transport layer security (TLS) is a protocol to encrypt data being sent over the network. Despite some flaws of the protocol itself (POODLE, Heartbleed), it ensures that data sent through...

RaspberryPi for monitoring screens

November 29, 2015

Displaying dashboard screens on a TV is a very common case, especially in IT companies. TVs in the offices display business dashboards or the status of the applications or infrastructure....

Hello again

November 18, 2015

Hello, I have decided to continue writing in English instead on Lithuanian. I have also switched from custom made CMS for writing blog to static site generator Jekyll, which lets...

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